Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brushing off the Cooking at Home Skills

After a full week of breakfast buffets and restaurants, it was great to get back into the kitchen at home. Here are a sampling of what we've been eating. We went from winter and spring weather in Norway to the dead of summer in DC, so I'm trying to lighten up our dinners a bit.
 Panzanella (Bread salad)
 Cast-iron skillet roasted chicken
 Turkey meatloaf with sriracha-ketchup, green beans with rayu and salad. 
 Weekend Vegetarian Brunch (plus smoked salmon plate)
Bon Appetit has a fantastic white bean ragout recipe this month, plus broccoli-mushroom fritatta, brie and apples, salad, chickpea salad, avocado crostini and watermelon-feta-red onion salad.
 Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend with some homemade burgers and grilled jalapenos.
 Super refreshing summer salad of strawberries, watermelon, feta. red onion and balsamic.
Pesto Orecchietti Pasta with sundried tomatoes, peas and parmigiana cheese.
Pan-roasted cajun spiced salmon with mixed greens and broccoli.
A little umeboshi wakame on top of the broccoli was magic.

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