Sunday, May 6, 2012

Evergreen counter at Super H Mart

Super H Mart's food counter area has less seats now, and that means the scramble for seats is pretty intense. It's interesting to watch two people occupy a table for six and blatantly ward off other people looking for somewhere to eat. Sigh. Evergreen's menu has changed a bit. 
#5: Soon Dubu-Kimchee Chige
A mixture of spicy soon dubu (soft tofu stew) and kimchee chige (kimchee stew).
Oddly, this bowl held a few too many things, including ramen noodles and sliced hot dogs.
Mool Naeng Myun
Cold buckwheat noodles with sliced daikon radish, sliced cucumbers, Asian pear slice and half a boiled egg. Super refreshing on a hot day.
Dolsot Bibimbap
Rice with fried egg, vegetables and kochujang sauce in a hot-stone bowl.
This was the dish I should have ordered.

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