Sunday, May 6, 2012


The weekends have been super busy, and we haven't had a chance to go to Super H Mart in a while. Therefore, I haven't been bringing my lunch as often. Luckily we went grocery shopping today so my lunches will be healthier this last week.
Indian Delight Two-Curry takeout
Chicken curry and chole (chickpeas). I should have ordered 2 vegetable curries instead of following the owner's advice. He believes everyone likes chicken, but this chicken was a little dry.
Sichuan Pavilion Takeout
Dan Dan Mein
Seeking some heat, I ordered some spicy noodles for lunch.
I brought home the mapo tofu for dinner. Spicy and delightful on hot rice.
Lentil Soup - small size. 
With a piece of bread and apple, this was a fairly tame lunch.
The line for the soups and salads were too long, so I wandered to the sandwich area at Devon and Blakely. Bad idea. This "pressed" Cubano was not pressed in the least, and the bread was all wrong.

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