Friday, June 8, 2012

Chasin Tails in Falls Church

To celebrate the new addition to our family (Jiji the fuel efficient Camry hybrid), we tried out a newish crawfish and seafood place in Falls Church I heard about from a friend. Chasin Tails is similar to Hot n Juicy Crawfish in DC, but very different in decor. The Falls Church restaurant is airy and light-filled, with flat screen TVs all over. 
A dozen oysters. 
Better presentation and nicer job shucking the oysters than Hot n Juicy.
One Pound Shrimp in hot Whole Shebang sauce $13
1 Pound Crawfish in N'awlins Hot Original Cajun $10
The very hot sauce was not as fiery as Hot and Juicy, but the flavor was nice. I liked the hand washing area in the dining room, plus they'll give you plastic bibs and even plastic gloves. All told, a nice experience. I chuckled a bit when I overheard the older table near us complaining there weren't any plates or silverware for the shrimp and crawfish. 

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