Saturday, June 30, 2012

Java Green Cafe

Met up with a lovely friend at Java Green for a lunchtime talk about the George R.R. Martin books. Since she's an Ashtangi who has cut out a lot of processed foods and no longer indulges in meat-filled meals, we headed over to a vegetarian/vegan hot spot on 19th Street between K and L. Like many popular lunch spots on 19th, the line can be considerable.
Tofu-Avocado Wrap with spinach, tomato and carrot
(A little too much dressing, this became a soggy mess if you take too long to eat it.)
Tomato "Mozzarella" Wrap with tofu cheese.
(I was too slow to get a photo of both halves.)
The staff is super sweet, and the food is really light, healthy and surprisingly filling. A nice array of wraps, salads, soups and noodle dishes, I'll try out some more items when it's not a sweltering 95-100 degrees outside. While my friend particularly likes the storylines of Daenarys, Arya and Tyrion, I'm more partial to Jon, Arya and Bran's storylines. I finally found book five at the quaint bookstore next to Chasin Tails, and wonder how long we'll have to wait for the book six.

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