Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jackson 20 (unofficially the pig place)

After our Sunday morning plans were cancelled at the last minute, I called up my friend for an impromptu brunch at the pig place. Fortunately I can call it that, and she knows where I'm talking about in Old Town. :)
Biscuit with sausage gravy and one poached egg with Tabasco sauce.
The biscuit is pretty good and the gravy tastes like there's a bit of maple syrup in the pork sausage.
Eggs Chesapeake with a rectangular hash brown
Poached eggs with crabcakes, no English muffins. I love poached eggs with crab, and this a good version. Might be better with a side of fruit instead of the hash brown, which is pressed flat like a fruit rollup.
Three Eggs for the Price of Two with sausage and hash brown.
Jackson 20 has unlimited mimosas for $12, which is a bargain, but means you'll be pretty useless for the ensuing afternoon. Service was good, and they're constantly patrolling the room looking for anyone who needs more mimosa or water. Everything was a little on the salty side to me, which is understandable since I don't generally cook with too much salt.

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