Sunday, June 17, 2012

Return to Chasin Tails

Every weekend has been a busy weekend so far. With the husband running errands and washing the car, I've been tackling the house cleaning. Thank goodness we live in only 800 sq. ft. Before our weekly supermarket run, we headed to Chasin Tails in East Falls Church to meet up with a friend for a delicious seafood lunch.
N'awlins Hot was hot and flavorful this time, tossed with two pounds of crawfish, corn, potato and a few slices of sausage. When the sausage soaks up the hot sauce, it's fantastic. The sausages were so good, we ended up ordering two more side orders of sausage.
I went with one pound of crawfish in Hot everything sauce, just the right level of spice.
Last time I denied the husband beignets because I saw a bad review of them. 
This time, there was no stopping him and he plowed ahead and ordered the beignets with a homemade strawberry jam and cafe au lait. Our friend ordered one too, and they both liked the powdered sugar-covered pillows of dough, especially since the jam was not overly sweet. Smaller than the beignets at Bayou Bakery, these were devoured by both.
The table next to us ordered a pound of mussels in a lemon garlic butter sauce, and that looked pretty awesome, although the real reason to go here is the crawfish. Once again, the service was the sour point. Our waitress disappeared for a good 2/3 of our meal and we had to flag her down to order a few more things. With the spice level amped up, there's no reason to head into Woodley to Hot n Juicy now, with Chasin Tails so much closer.

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    Nice blog!

    I don't mean to stalk but I'm really glad you enjoyed the trip to our restaurant. I'm one of the owners of the restaurant and I definitely appreciate your comments about our restaurant.
    I'm disappointed about the poor service that you received during your visit this weekend. Next time you come in, we will make it up to you! Please contact me at