Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maine Avenue Fish Market: Captain White's

Craving more seafood, we weighed heading to a crab restaurant, but instead went to the Maine Avenue Fish Market in Southwest DC. Parking is a nightmare, and we ended up finding a spot down the street. On the walk over, I noticed a wallet on the sidewalk after a couple passed us heading in the opposite direction. With a quite glance at the license, I recognized it was one of the couple and swiftly reunited the wallet with its owner. One selfless good deed before our crab gluttony.
We went to Captain White's, which has a large variety of fried items in addition to seafood.
Lots of blue crab sorted by size and ready to be steamed.
Steamed spiced shrimp (medium, jumbo, large) and corn.
Oysters and Snow Crab legs.
5 pounds of snow crab ($45) and 1 pound large shrimp ($18).
Fantastic. We spread out some brown paper on our table and had a fabulous crab feast at home.

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