Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spa World and Honey Pig in Centreville

Spent the most relaxing and self-indulgent day out in Centreville. Went with two friends to Spa World for a day of bathing, skin scrubs, dolsot bibimbap in the restaurant and a much needed nap in the hard to find resting room on the second floor. I've been numerous times to the Korean spa but this was the first time to try out the 60 minute skin scrub and massage. It's really amazing how much skin they slough off in 30 minutes of continuous scrubbing, twisting and washing. I should have stopped there, because the ensuing 30 minutes of contortions, slapping and massaging was dancing back and forth across a fine line of torture and pain. Definitely recommend the scrub, your skin will feel renewed and super soft. 
Afterwards, I donned the institutional orange shirt and shorts set and ventured out to the communal area. Watched a little K-drama and then headed into the restaurant. One of the fun things about Spa World is the use of computerized locker keys the workers can add different service charges onto like the scrub and lunch. After lunch a nice nap in the dark napping room left me super refreshed. We ventured out and wandered around Hanaro, a Korean grocery store, and then to Honey Pig.
 Spicy pork belly with grilled kimchee and sliced brisket.
Pork belly with beef and octopus chul pan.

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