Sunday, August 21, 2011

Captain Billy's in Newburg, Maryland

We traveled down to the river house of one of my boyfriend's friends. "River house" doesn't really do justice to this light-filled loft-style house on the end of the peninsula on the Virginia side of the Potomac. The house had a lovely wrap-around deck, beautiful view of the water, nice waterside breezes. Most importantly, there was a grill.
After grilling beef, vegetable and chicken kabobs for brunch, we walked around and talked to the other house guests while listening to the two drum and bass guys mix. We helped put together the birthday surprise for the host's girlfriend, including a delicious chocolate cake from Whole Foods that my boyfriend picked up. After surprising the birthday girl and everyone trying a piece of cake, we set off for the drive home. One the way home we stopped off at Captain Billy's for some steamed crabs and a beautiful view.
 The online reviews for Captain Billy's made us a bit skeptical.
 However the location and view were worth the risk.
Pound of steamed crabs and steamed shrimp.
Beautiful view, cold beer and a nice seat on the deck overlooking the water with country music gently playing in the background. The crabs were good, although the only size they had were mediums. The shrimp were also on the small side. The snow crab legs and other dishes that passed by looked promising. We ate a few and brought the rest home in our new cooler, and later I picked the remaining crabs and made crabcakes. A nice and relaxing meal with my favorite person.

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