Sunday, August 28, 2011

Preparing for the Storm

With Hurricane Irene on the way, I stopped off at the grocery store on Thursday to prepare something for us to eat in case the power went out due to the storm during the weekend. We have a tabletop stove, so even without electricity, we could eat something hearty and satisfying. Ina Garten beef stew recipe to the rescue.
 Carrots, onions, garlic, mushrooms, potatoes and beef in the slow cooker with beef broth and red wine set to cook for 6 hours.
Six hours later.
Fortunately, we only lost power briefly while we slept, but the stew was delicious. I made a roux with flour and butter plus broth to thicken up the stew. With some turkey and roast beef sandwiches intermixed, we spent a nice hurricane weekend together at home. 
Fortunately, flooding in the area was minimal, nothing like what happened in my hometown, where the county is under water. 

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  1. The beef was so juicy and soft. The right consistency for this dish.