Sunday, August 28, 2011


I've experience numerous earthquakes during my years living in Japan. One time I was teaching and couldn't understand why my students were bouncing around in front of me and suddenly dove under their desks. When reality dawned on me, the building began to sway and I realized I was on the third floor of a very old school set to be demolished in a year, oy vay! The worst registered  a 7.5 with so many aftershocks I spent many a fitful night of sleep.
Tuesday, I was sitting in my office researching Latin American trade opportunities and risks when the room started shaking. At first I thought it was just more renovations underneath our offices for the new cafe, but this was different. Suddenly there were throngs of people standing out on the sidewalks. Building maintenance staff came around and forced us to evacuate the building. 5.8 earthquake shook the east coast.
Ended up standing in front of the building for awhile, trying in vain to contact my boyfriend on my mobile. The mobile systems were incapacitated. Ridiculous! I ventured over towards his office building, didn't see him so wandered around for a bit to while away the time before we would be let back into the office building. Hmm... a saunter down 19th Street and I saw a miraculous sight, no line in front of the Greek Deli. I grabbed a gyro sandwich to eat back in the office. 
5.8 earthquake that only lasted 45 seconds, the news sources went nuts. Best part of the day once I realized the evacuation scenario from downtown DC is dismal at best, was the tasty gyro.

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