Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dim Sum at Fortune in Falls Church

I missed Saturday morning. With the exhaustion from the week and eye mask firmly in place, I slept until feeling fully rested, and finally got up at noon. My boyfriend has been craving dim sum for a while so we tried out a different place. We headed to Fortune in Falls Church. Dim sum is definitely best with a large group, and earlier in the day when the offerings are fresh. By the time we reached the restaurant there was only an hour left of their dim sum cart service, so some of the dishes had been sitting out for awhile.
 Deep-fried shrimp and crab claws.
 Har Gao
 Pan-Fried Chive Dumplings
I'm just not a fan. It's too greasy, full of bones and gelatinous.
 Gail Lan
Steamed Crab Dumplings
In honor of Shark Week - Shark-fin dumplings.
I would not recommend these. The flavor was unexpectedly unpleasant, the texture bothered me, and my boyfriend thought the inside was similar to uncooked spam. Blech.
Perhaps we arrived too late to enjoy nice and hot dishes, but dim sum at Fortune was not as good as our previous experiences at Mark's Duck House. The staff at Fortune swarm with their carts on the newly arriving tables, which was a bit overwhelming. Instead of the older staff of MDH and Oriental East, Fortune's cart wielders are all very young. 

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