Sunday, August 7, 2011

Late Dinner at Faccia Luna

This week was a blur, full of making meeting appointments for our colleagues, wrangling the intern finishing up the second week of a DC internship, and attending two days of meetings. Since we also run a nonprofit organization out of our office in addition to our regular activities, this was a particularly exhausting two weeks. There's a lot of learning as we go, and some of the learning curves are quite steep. After working late nights all week, Friday night finally arrived. Arriving back home around 8:30, we headed out for dinner nearby at Faccia Luna.
 Caesar Salad 
 Special pasta with garlic, chili and oil with sausage.
Wild Mushroom ravioli in cream sauce with arugula.
My boyfriend also ordered some mussels, however, the waiter didn't write down our order and he conveniently forgot to include them in the order. Perhaps he was saving us from gluttony.

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