Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cities on 19th Street

They have outdoor seating, which would be nice if the weather this summer wasn't oscillating between exceptionally hot and hot and humid. Instead we ventured to a different post-work place than Sichuan Pavilion for drinks with my boyfriend's coworker. The bar area is pretty lively, with happy hour specials from 4-8 pm. The tables in the back were nearly empty, which was a bit bizarre. The menu is a truly odd mixture of items from around the world. 
 Chicken satay. Fairly standard and a little dry.
 Chorizo in a sauce. Good flavor and went well with the paella.
 Grilled calamari with two dipping sauces.
Ok, but the calamari lacked the requisite char one would expect from grilling.
 "Paella" with chunks of seafood.
This felt more like tomato-sauced rice with a variety of odds and ends mixed in. I liked it, but not incredibly high on the authenticity guage.
 Mussels with frites on top. 
 Grilled fish.
 Tuna tartare. Really disliked this version.
In all, it's a good place to sit down for a few drinks and light small plates. Any restaurant that sets out to represent dishes from around the world is bound to be a little disappointing. In the back you can definitely hold a conversation and not shout, which is a step up from E&C across the street. Avoid the tuna tartare.

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