Sunday, August 21, 2011

Havana Cafe at International Square

The lines at Sichuan Express and the Greek place in International Square were too long and I needed to be back quickly to the office so I tried out Havana Cafe. A bit of a mess trying to find out which person to place my order with but they were pretty fast and nice. I ordered the half chicken with black beans and salad.
A massive amount of food, the salad had a very light oregano-based dressing. The chicken was somehow fall-off-the-bone and dry at the same time. What really shone was the side of black beans, wonderful flavor and not overcooked. I'd go back and order a side salad and beans in a heartbeat. Their green sauce was a nice accompaniment to the chicken, helped offset the dryness.


  1. The best thing here are the masitas, give 'em a try next time. Roberto

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Roberto, will definited try the masitas!