Friday, August 27, 2010

Ben's Chili Bowl and Nationals Baseball

One day the Nationals won't be last in their league.  Despite their lack of evening game at the Nationals stadium is a really enjoyable way to spend a late summer evening with some friends.
RFK Stadium wasn't terrible, but the food options definitely were less than spectacular. With the new stadium came new food vendors. Instead of sad looking hotdogs, or so-so turkey sandwiches, now you can buy 5 Guys fries and a cheeseburger, Hard Times chili, or the quintessential DC food... a Ben's Chili Bowl halfsmoke "all the way" with an order of chili fries. Halfsmoke with chili, shredded cheese, yellow mustard and diced onions. Halfsmokes are a 1/4 lb. pork and beef smoked sausage and delicious.Ben's chili fries. 5 Guys fries are tastier.

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