Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How long are YOU willing to wait for a cupcake?

Oh behold the power of reality television. I've watched an episode of DC Cupcake and it's not a bad show. What is bad, however, is the ridiculous line that now forms outside the store everyday, all day, in any weather.

I couldn't give a flying fig newton about cupcakes, except they make lovely gifts. After checking out their competition: Hello Cupcakes (no I do not want my cupcakes in a bag and I'll pay the 50 cents for a box), Red Velvet (a little dry), and Baked and Wired (too much frosting); I think Georgetown Cupcake has the best packaging and tasting cupcakes.
Who (other than me) doesn't like to open up a pretty little pink box and find a selection of delicious cupcakes? They're great for cheering people up, for celebrating a new job, for birthdays, and for breakfast (or so I'm told). sweltering August day I found myself joining the throngs of tourists melting on the sidewalk to buy something sweet for a birthday boy.
Coconut Cupcakes to celebrate J's new job
2 pm Tuesday
4 pm Thursday
Any Saturday or Sunday
Prior to the tv show, I only had to wait 15-20 minutes in line. Post-show, upwards of 40 minutes during the workday, and up to 2 hours on the weekends. Once you make that decision to stand in line, you're committed. Once the wait time exceeds 20 minutes, you're also more likely to buy more than what you had in mind, purely to justify the long wait. So that's how I ended up buying twice as many as I intended.
Silly me, next time I'm going to phone in my order to avoid the line and the extra impulse cupcakes. Oh, the salted caramel cupcakes available on Tuesdays and Saturdays?...divine according to my better half.

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