Friday, August 20, 2010

Logan Tavern

Maybe I've always been lured in by the bright lights of Whole Foods, or the super grilled cheese at Stoney's, but until last night I never tried Logan Tavern. After reading some less than glowing online reviews, it's easy to be a bit wary. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the endearing server; the manager who warned us about the rise in thefts from purses hanging off the back of chairs; and the eclectic menu. Forewarned is forearmed, and my clever friend gave me a purse table hook one year for Christmas. Clearly I was less than clever since it took me over 8 months to realize how to use it, but now it goes every with me and my purse hangs securely by my lap. Our server was attentive without being intrusive, and thoughtfully remembered to provide a dessert with a sparkler after hearing our group was gathered to celebrate a birthday while we were ordering cocktails.
Logan Tavern is offering a Restaurant Week menu for the entire month of August. They include a glass of wine to the dinner RW menu for $35, but if you opt to forego the wine, the price lowers to $28-30 instead.
Buffalo Shrimp (small) - I didn't read the menu very well, perhaps over-excited about the chance to have a Buffalo-style non-meat item. I had envisioned fried shrimp tossed in a picante Buffalo wing sauce with a side of bleu cheese sauce. This version mixes the bleu cheese into the sauce. An interesting dish, the shrimp had a nice crunchy coating, but it could be a bit spicier.
Ginger calamari (small) - flash fried calamari mixed with a ginger sauce and red cabbage. Wonderful aroma and a surprisingly large portion.
Seared sea scallops with truffled polenta, wilted greens and sundried tomato coulis. Coulis is just a fancy word for a light tomato sauce. The truffled polenta was thoroughly enjoyed.
Grilled rack of lamb (medium-rare) with creamy polenta, green beans and a minted chili sauce.
Side order of crab and shrimp mac and cheese. Maybe the seafood was more subtle than I imagined, but it tasted like pasta with a light cheese sauce. The toasted bread crumbs added a nice textural juxtaposition.
I would definitely go back and try a few more dishes. When the weather cools down a bit the patio seats would be an excellent perch to dine and watch the denizens of Logan Circle parade by.

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