Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dim Sum #3

For dim sum in Virginia there are a few options, but I tend to go to Mark's Duck House in Falls Church. On weekends, the lines for dim sum are long. Unlike Oriental East in Maryland which seats groups according to when they arrive in line, MDH has a preference for seating the groups that fit the empty tables despite what numbered ticket they have. Another downside is how dark the room is compared to Oriental East's with its wall of windows.
If you're not there right when it opens (I've never managed that) you're bound to wait a very long time for a table. In the wintertime, you're pressed up against strangers who use their puffy-coated children like battering rams. In summertime, you're desperately trying to find a whiff of cold air while impatiently waiting to hear your number called. When they finally call your number...happiness descends upon you as you head to a table, guzzle some cold water, pour the tea and start looking around for the carts.
crispy shrimp balls
har gao - steamed shrimp dumpling
panfried chives dumpling
chicken feet
baby clams in black bean sauce
shrimp-stuffed eggplant
I've also tried the fried taro dumpling (wouldn't take that one again), shrimp noodle crepe, steamed shrimp and garlic chives dumpling (both good), as well as the gai lan with oyster sauce (ok) and sauteed baby bok choy in garlic sauce (excellent).

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