Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cava Mezza on Capitol Hill

I love Greek food. I've been dreaming about Santorini for years. One day I'll make it there. Until then, there's Cava Mezze Restaurant. I like the location in Eastern Market/Capitol Hill and look forward to having a closer one in Clarendon. Best place to sit is outside on their patio. Inside, it's very dark and very loud. I like to go with friends who enjoy sharing food. If you guard your plate and ward off tasters with your fork, we're not meant to be food friends. About 2 per person is a good starting point, later add another if you find yourself not bursting at the seams.
Eggplant dip - roasted baby eggplant with garlic, herbs and olive oil.
Taramosalata - whipped salmon fluffy, light and utterly delicious with warm pita bread. Spanakopita - spinach and feta wrapped in phyllo dough
Grilled baby octopus - so tender and delicious with a spritz of lemon juice
Pan-seared jumbo scallops on a mushroom risotto
Cava Mac and Cheese - papadelle pasta with Greek cheese and arugula
Spicy lamb sliders with jalapeno, feta, frisee and Greek yogurt.
I've also tried the Saganaki, which is very theatrical with the flames shooting towards the ceiling, but this is more a dish for the eyes than the stomach. The crazy feta is good, but I can only eat a little bit. The mini gyro pita is a misnomer, as the plate includes 3 gyros and is not very mini. The chicken souvlaki was dry and I wouldn't order it again.

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