Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sichuan Express Special Order

Sichuan Express in the International Square food court at Farragut West has become wildly popular at lunch time. While many people go there for the buffet, more and more have been ordering the special noodle soups. These are delicious, but also take more time to prepare, creating bottlenecks in the line. If you want to order one, try to go at off lunch hours, either before 12 pm or after the 1 pm lunch rush.
I headed over at 11:47 am, ordered a #5 (mapo tofu with pork), "extra spicy".
This version had more heat and spice than normal. Absolutely delicious and highly recommended. In an amusing side-note, my husband went independently from my visit to Sichuan Express, and also ordered the #5 noodle soup. We're a couple of heat-seekers I guess.

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