Monday, October 8, 2012

Shenandoah Climb

We haven't gone for a hike in two years. Our last big trek was to Old Rag where I became reacquainted with my complete fear of heights and falling. The 'rock scramble' is really just a euphemism for death-defying gauntlet to traverse without a safety net below. With a long weekend and a promising weather forecast, we set out early to climb White Oak Canyon-Cedar Run. 
 The trees were just starting to turn beautiful colors. 
We aggressively hiked the White Oak portion, which ascended over 2,000 feet and took a nice breather during the fire route cut over to Cedar Run trail. The last time we climbed this same route, it took over 6 hours, since we stopped for photos and a number of snack breaks. This time, we zoomed through in just about four hours with a short lunch break. We definitely paid for the speed and aggressive pace the next two days, but it was a gorgeous day together. 

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