Sunday, October 21, 2012

Moby Dick post-golf Lesson

The husband set up a special private golf lesson with the instructor we took group lessons from over the summer. I had intended to take a nice leisurely walk around Kingstowne while he had his lesson. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and there was seriously heavy rain and hail, so I was stuck waiting for him in the bar. One crossword puzzle and half a game of Words with Friends later, he finished up and we headed out for a quick dinner.
Combo #2
They were out of the ground beef kebab, so he had the beef and chicken with rice.
I love the joojeh kebab.
The chicken was super moist and flavorful, and the salad is light enough so I can eat the bread with yogurt sauce without guilt. I do steal little forkfuls of the rice from my husband's plate.

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