Saturday, October 27, 2012

Japanese BBQ at Satsuma in Bethesda

My husband's office had some out of town visitors this week. I was invited to join them for dinner at Satsuma in Bethesda. I've been before with my former office coworkers, but have not been back in awhile. For a weekday night, the restaurant was disturbingly empty at 8 pm, with only one other table. They also took off a few of the more unique items from the Japanese bbq menu. I do love the bbq grill inset into the table in the tatami section. 
Gyu-tan, ros, kalbi (beef tongue, skirt steak and marinated beef)
Japanese-style bbq (yakiniku) uses very thinly sliced meat, often marbled with fat.
Given the option and the price difference, I think my husband and his visiting colleagues would prefer to go to Korean bbq next time instead. They are also big fans of soon dubu, Peking duck and Sichuan food. Satsuma was nice, but the atmosphere was very odd, with the restaurant nearly empty, and the prices were higher than at the popular Korean places.

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