Sunday, October 14, 2012

Full Kee in Virginia

After the short work week (which felt plenty long to me), we headed out to dinner Friday after work. Feeling under the weather all week, it was great to relax with some Chinese food before settling in to watch the Nats play. Usually when I feel a Chinese food craving, it's Sichuan food that I'm salivating about. However, Full Kee has a fantastic dish of seafood noodles, with thin, crispy egg noodles. 
Shrimp wonton and noodle soup with gai lan (Chinese broccoli).
Large enough bowl of soup and noodles to share.
Chinese bbq pork
Seafood noodles in a super delicate sauce.
The crispy noodles start to absorb the sauce and soften up, but the crunchy noodles are a fun textural addition.
Lobster Special - 2 for $29.95
Two fresh lobsters prepared with ginger and scallions. 
Super fresh and delicious, although messy.
The leftovers the next day with some sauteed bokchoy were just as delicious, although not the best meal to eat before our Insanity cardio workout. eat like this, you need to put in some gym time in addition to portion control and restraint the rest of the week.

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