Sunday, October 14, 2012

Apple Turnover

The husband hates Arlington. He's lived in Alexandria for so long, he never learned how nice it is to be able to walk around the cute neighborhoods and rarely went to the restaurants up there. Almost every car trip to Arlington also includes near miss car accidents with super aggressive drivers who drive with a little too much anger. One "lady", who was more than a few car lengths behind, started honking her car horn and sped up to give us the finger when he tried to signal and change lanes into her lane. Sigh.
After two trips to Arlington in a row, he was doubly disappointed when he wanted some apple pie, and we couldn't find any. To make up for that, I decided to make him a special apple treat.
All you need is some delicious apples we picked up from Shenandoah, some puff pastry from Trader Joe's frozen aisle, and some spices.
Stewed apples wrapped up in the puff pastry and baked for 20-some minutes. 
This was so delicious hot out of the oven, he opted for dessert for dinner, and loved it. If one turnover is good, two is even better. He took the second apple turnover to work and shared with his coworkers.

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