Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekday Lunches

This week, like every work week, was super busy. There were some fascinating events hosted by the area think tanks, and I found myself with 2, 3 events a day. I really love this aspect of my job, where I have the opportunity to go see to some of the leading thinkers of a wide variety of topics discuss current events and constantly learn new things. I even had a chance to see 9 members of the Uzbekistan Parliament discuss progress and prospects for the former Soviet state. With a busy schedule, I picked up some quick lunches.
Lunch 1: Lobster bisque with a piece of bread.
Devon and Blakely have an ever-changing array of soups at varying price points.
Axian Reuben with steak fries
I love supporting this quirky little small business that makes super sandwiches.

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