Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick Weeknight Dinners

We haven't had a big Super H Mart grocery shopping trip in a while so I've been scavenging through our pantry and freezer. After we ran out of fresh produce, I requested a quick(ish) trip to Trader Joes after work. In the Old Town area, TJs has good prices, much better than Whole Foods, and better produce (albeit limited variety) compared to the Giant and Safeway nearby. During the week, the lines are much shorter than the weekend.
Tortellini with spinach, tomato sauce with onion, garlic and mushroom and sausage.
Miso Soup, soft tofu with soy and katsuobushi, apple slices, salad, sushi, umeboshi and chicken teriyaki don. My fiance brought home a leftover bento from an office lunch that we shared, with the addition of soup, tofu and apple. Amazing that we could split one bento with small additional dishes and be satisfied. 

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