Sunday, April 8, 2012

Faccia Luna Alexandria

Faccia Luna in Old Town has a strong neighborhood appeal, with a lot of families crowding the booths. We made the mistake of heading there one Friday night at peak dinner time and struggled to get the attention of the busy bartender for a drink while we were waiting. This Friday excursion was a little later in the evening but no different. We were still waiting to place a drink order when our buzzer lit up and our table was ready.
Steak Salad with bleu cheese, carrots, tomato and mixed greens.
Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon does a similar salad, but they handle the steak with a little more finesse.
My fiance loves to make his own pasta dish.
He starts off with angel hair pasta with chilies, tomato sauce and a side of sausage.
Large pizza with red onion, mushroom, fresh tomato, sausage and black olives.
We shared a few pieces of the pizza and took the rest home for a Saturday snack. The pizza at Faccia is nice with a thin crust and plenty of choices of toppings. One day I'll convince my fiance to try the white spinach pie :)

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