Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ga Bo Ja Restaurant

We tried out a different Korean restaurant in Annandale last night.While we frequent Korean bbq and soon dubu places, we often stick with our favorite places. GaBoJa specializes in fish, with both sashimi and sushi on the menu, along with special Korean dishes. I originally saw a photo of the sashimi platter and wanted to try it out.
 Next time we'll come here and order from the list of special dishes.
 Since the Small platter is $45, it's a good idea to share this with a few people.
The other items only in Hangul include fresh flounder sashimi, and another includes special seafood including abalone, according to our server.
 We didn't try the sushi. The other tables all had platters of sashimi, so we went with that.
 Sliced squid with kochujang sauce on lettuce.
The panchan were excellent, with a wide variety and well-executed.
 Nice array of textures and flavors.
 Hot corn and butter (free dish)
 Enoki and onion with butter (free)
 Braised fish (free)
 Spicy fish soup and a fluffy egg dish were also free dishes.
By the time we had grazed through the parade of panchan and other assorted dishes they gave us, we were already pretty full.
 Finally an item we ordered: hamul pajeon (scallion and seafood pancake)
A little more rustic in preparation than other versions we've tried, very delicious.
Small Sashimi Platter
The fish was very good, except for the tuna, which came out still a little frozen.
The servers here are very attentive and kind. It's a smaller restaurant about half the size of Vit Goel and miles smaller than Honey Pig. Located to the right of Cafe Tu Ah, the sign is blue and says Korean and Japanese cuisine. 

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