Saturday, April 28, 2012

Farewell Honey Pig

Dear Honey Pig, it's not you, it's well...the other riffraff that has taken over and decided to treat your restaurant like a crazy clubhouse where normal comportment is ignored. We have frequented HP for years, and I even like the frenetic K-pop interspersed with US pop music. I put up with the crazy Groupon/Living Social crowds and surly service. I draw the line at people dressed as Furries. HP has officially jumped the shark.
Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!
Pretty Kalbi, Bizarre view from our table.
Hello spicy pork belly... and random costumed patrons.
One of these things is not like the other...
Isn't there a 'No Shirt, No Service' rule here? Especially around open flame?
Notice the number of Furballs standing around, and lingering (meanwhile the number of people waiting for tables was growing and they showed not inclination to do more than semi-undress. Rude.)
Oh, and Madame Butterfly's outfit was especially not Family-friendly.
Food is influenced by the atmosphere.
I'll give the Centreville Honey Pig another look, but Annandale, there's too many other options of delicious Korean establishments. 

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