Sunday, April 8, 2012

International Square Lunch Takeout

Every week is a busy week these days. I like to go to Axian and support the non-chain small business, but there are only so many sandwiches I can eat. Heading over to International Square, I generally check to see how long the line is at Sichuan Express before deciding where to go. 
Indian Delight 2-curries with rice
Chole (chana masala) and daal with white rice.
The Indian takeout spot changed ownership and instead of vegetarian only, they now change the curries and include some meat options.
Good Friday = no lines at Sichuan Express
Bok choy, egg with shrimp, mapo dofu and sesame chicken.
This is not a good lunch to eat when you need to be super productive in the afternoon, but it was definitely delicious on a colder, blustery day. Good thing I already planned to hit the gym after work.

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