Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sichuan Express Noodle Soup

My fiance has Sichuan Pavilion burnout. He had one too many office dinners there lately, ordering the usual 5-6 dishes. This means I need to satisfy my Sichuan craving on my own time. I headed over to Sichuan Express twice this week, craving something spicy to power through seasonal allergies. The first time, they were out of mapo tofu on the buffet so I wandered over to pick up a less satisfying gyro. The next time, there was no mapo on the buffet menu at all, so I ordered a soup.
 Eight Treasure Noodle Soup takeout 
Tofu, shrimp, chicken and pork with vegetables, noodles and soup.
I decided to be adventurous and try something different than my favorite mapo noodle soup. I should have stuck with my tried and true favorite. This was a bit oily and not spicy enough. Portion-wise, this is 2 servings so I used a bit of restraint and only ate half. I don't have that much restraint with the mapo.
I think the beef with bok choy and pork with mustard greens noodle soups are the only ones I haven't tried yet. The noodle soups have become increasingly this year. I've seen 4-5 people waiting off to the side for their soup orders instead of choosing the buffet each time I go. 

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