Sunday, March 11, 2012

Osaka Dinner

We traveled by shinkansen to Osaka and stayed overnight with the younger brother and wife of my future father-in-law. It's fun to go from Kanto to Kansai, and see how different the regions are. While you stand on the left side of the escalator in the Kanto region, you must remember to stand on the right side in the Kansai area. Even the way people sell things in the department store is different, with hawkers a little louder in Kansai.
My fiance was particularly excited, since his aunt is a very good chef. She created a wonderful array of dishes and it was a pleasure to meet the Osaka relatives, including his grandmother, who really enjoyed the choux-creme pastry from Hanshin Department Store. 
 Sashimi salad with mayonnaise
 Maki-Sushi with egg and cucumber
 Mackerel with daikon and carrot salad
Teriyaki Chicken with kaiware and scallions
 Mentaiko salad with daikon and kaiware sprouts
 Fried shrimp
Sukiyaki with Leeks
A delicious feast with a wide variety of dishes. We sat around the tables eating, drinking and talking through the night. With lingering jetlag, I wandered off to bed on the early side and fell asleep on the comfortable futons, with the pitter patter of rainfall lulling me to sleep. The following morning we headed off to the train station in the rain, en route to Nagasaki on Kyushu.

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