Sunday, March 25, 2012

Honeypig's Expansion Area... Darker and Different

My fiance loves Honeypig for super casual Korea bbq in Annandale. While I'm a fan of Korean bbq, I prefer places that have a nice array of panchan and pleasant servers, but you can't beat Honeypig's prices. Since Honeypig has become increasingly popular and also jumped on the Groupon/Living Social bandwagon, a long wait for a table is more the norm than the exception. 
We headed over one Sunday evening and were led to a room behind the second room behind the main room. This new area has a banquet running along one wall with tables and three other round tables for two. With the dark walls and decor, it looks like it was used for karaoke. The music was a little different, and the atmosphere was a little less frenetic. The service was still harried, but I liked this area more than the other areas.
Salad and average panchan with my favorite Korean beer, Cass
Seafood pancake (hamul pajeon), kalbi, gyutan (tongue) and kimchi with bean sprouts
Soon doobu with seafood
This soon doobu was nice, spicy and even better than their regular soft tofu stews. There must have been a different person preparing it, and I hope that person is working the next time we go.

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