Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hot n Juicy Crawfish Restaurant in Woodley Park

I've never eaten crawfish out of a plastic bag mixed with spicy sauce before, but there's always a first time. I noticed it's crawfish season, and wanted to catch up with my marathon-addicted friend, so we decided to try out Hot n Juicy. My sweet fiance joined us for the messy food adventure. 
We saw a picture of Man v. Food's Adam Richman at the entrance. I've stopped watching the show since it only makes me want to binge on mammoth cheesesteaks, but I believe Hot n Juicy in Vegas was in one of the episodes.
 My fiance and I arrived a little early, so we started off with a dozen oysters.
These were large oysters, but not expertly shucked. There were bits of shell and torn oysters on the shells in the too tiny platter. 
Very buttery, with a nice spice level, and ample crawfish meat. I would order this again, with 1 pound of shrimp in a spicy sauce, with some cold beers.
 Get Your Feet Wet (for two) with Hot n Juicy sauce, medium-spice level
1 pound crawfish, 1 pound shrimp, 12 pieces of sausage, 2 pieces of corn, 2 potatoes
 Rip open the bag, and get a little messy.
Apparently you can ask for plastic bibs, but our server was not incredibly attentive and we had to flag him down for more drinks.
 The extra order of 1 pound of crawfish in very spicy sauce came out some time after the GYFW bag.
I liked the sauce at medium spicy, could have managed spicy level, but the very spicy sauce was too much of a good thing. My fiance started sweating after two or three crawfish. He loved the heat and burn, and I think is already looking forward to a return visit.
The food is good and beers were cold, the downside was more service-related. The kitchen was fielding orders slowly, and our extra order of spicy sauce did not arrive until we were ready for the check. The one server for the back area seemed overwhelmed, maybe they need to schedule an extra server.

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