Sunday, March 11, 2012

Japanese Noodles

Japanese dishes often either include rice or noodles. I love all types of Japanese noodles - thick or thin, made with buckwheat or flour, in soup broth or chilled. During this trip we were lucky to try a variety of noodle dishes.
 Tonkatsu Ramen (at Yokohama Station)
 Shoyu Ramen with Onions (at Yokohama Station)
 Kitsune Udon (at Okayama Station)
Kitsune Soba (at Okayama Station)
 Zaru Soba with side of tempura
 Soba Noodle Soup set
Noodles and rice is a great deal of food for 990 yen.
Ippudo Ramen
Much better than the ramen we tried in NYC. If you're still hungry and have broth left, order kaedama for more noodles. The hardest part deciding which type of noodles you want - thin, thick, al dente or soft. The rest is easy, all the broths are good. We went during lunchtime, and ordered the lunch set. I chose the gyoza set while my fiance went with a fine side of yakimeshi. 

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