Sunday, March 25, 2012

La Taberna del Alabardero

Work has been incredibly stressful lately, trying to catch up on the two weeks I was out of the office while tasks continues to pile up. Multitasking and prioritizing, then reprioritizing. After a long day, my sweet fiance surprised me with a special treat. We had dinner at Spanish restaurant Taberna del Alabardero, followed by a tour of the West Wing.
Grilled asparagus with wild mushrooms and potato violet
King prawns wrapped with bacon.
The outside had a fantastic crunch.
Paella de Langosta (paella with lobster, shrimp, scallops and squid.)
We had an excellent chilled Albarino wine, and the service is superb. I especially appreciated the finger bowls of warm lemon water and towels they provided since extracting the lobster meat was a messy affair. In one particularly graceful moment, I sprayed lobster bits over my fiance's face. Fortunately we were tucked away in an alcove where only 1/3 of the restaurant could witness my clumsiness. This is not a place for a quick meal, and the prices relegate this to a special occasion place. The execution of the dishes is very good, and it really is a remarkable restaurant.
Following our dinner, we met up with a White House staffer for a late evening personal tour of the West Wing. Apparently tours are possible through employees, and we were fortunate to be introduced to one through my fiance's company. It was interesting to see how narrow the hallways are, and the photos on the walls show the President up-close in a variety of recent public appearances. I particularly liked the photo of Bo in pink bunny ears and hearing that he has his own set of Secret Service handlers who have taught him tricks to perform.

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