Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lunch at Clyde's in Chinatown

My fiance and I do similar work, and sometimes we attend the same events. This week there was a special consortium held at the DC Convention Center, but lunch was not provided. We wandered from the Convention Center over to Clydes in Chinatown.
Bacon Swiss Cheeseburger
Crabcake Sandwich
Despite the restaurant spanning two floors, there were a number of large parties and no open tables. We ended up sitting at one of the bars. The bartender was decent, but seemed more preoccupied with haranguing his bar-back. 
The crabcake is a nice version although it has a decent amount of filler. Reminds me I need to stop by the farmers' market to pick up some crabcakes from Chris's Marketplace. Those are delicious, all crab meat and a great price.

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