Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seafood Izakaya in Nagasaki

Izakayas are fun, you order a wide variety of small plates to share while you drink and talk. Recommended by the taxi driver who showed us around Nagasaki for the afternoon, this place had a remarkable array of fresh seafood. There were even signs for kujira (whale) available. While I gamely tried at least a bite of most things during this trip, I'm glad no one ordered any whale.
 Hijiki Salad
 Squid sashimi
The squid body is sliced, with the legs later grilled.
 Mackerel sashimi
Generally, it's unsafe to eat raw mackerel, which is susceptible to the parasite anisakis. MIL said it was only safe when you can eat the fish within 15 minutes of being cleaned and filleted.
 Sashimi with real wasabi.
 Raw oysters with tobiko
 Whiting tempura
 Gobo Karaage (fried burdock root)
 Beautiful presentation
 Chicken karaage
 renkon topped crab dumplings
It's hard to describe the texture but incredibly tasty.
Yaki-onigiri to end the parade of dishes

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