Sunday, March 11, 2012

Japanese Food

I love all types of Japanese foods.  While there are healthier options abounding, many of my favorites tend to be a little less healthy. The following are a nice selection of dishes we ate while traveling around the country.
A small side of gyoza along with a bowl of steaming hot ramen is a perfect meal on a cold day.
 Tonkatsu with cabbage salad
I have no idea how they slice the cabbage so thin, but it is a perfect foil for the deep-fried pork cutlets.
 Hungry Tiger hamburger lunch set
My fiance was craving a trip to Hungry Tiger, which he fondly remembers from his childhood. The server brings out a super hot plate and cuts the burger in half. You hold up a napkin to shield your clothes from the splattering grease. The restaurant also kindly provides large cloth napkins to cover coats and purses.
 An appropriate shirt to wear when eating a double hamburger lunch set. 
The demi-glace sauce was a little too salty, but the burgers tasted good, a cross between meatloaf and an American burger.
 Soon Dubu set after relaxing in Mantan no Yu.
The difference between eating soon dubu in the US and Japan, you dump the raw egg into the bubbling soup in the US, while you dip the spicy tofu stew into the egg in Japan.
 Katsu-don set
Tonkatsu with egg, onion and sauce on top of rice with miso soup and tsukemono.
Tempura over rice with miso soup and tsukemono.
You dip the noodles into the ramen broth. Some people love this, but I'm a "ramen with hot broth in a bowl" girl.

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