Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sushi Ko Glover Park

I've gotten burned by Groupon before.  Kayak lessons groupon was purchased but couldn't book because the company was sold out for months and then the weather turned too cold.  Grrr.  However, Groupons for restaurants, I'm a fan, although I like to wait a few weeks before I use mine so the mad rush subsides a bit.  Recently they offered one for Sushiko and I had to buy it.  I like the restaurant a lot, but it can quickly become pricey if I indulge in all my favorite rolls.  Surprisingly my Japanese boyfriend has never gone there despite living in the area since the 90s.  We started with some age-dofu and gyoza before the barrage of sushi.
 Spicy scallop maki; rockshrimp, jalapeno, and cilantro maki; salmon and avocado maki.
 Sashimi Moriawase with beautiful otoro, salmon, amaebi, maguro, with two white fish we couldn't decipher but loved nonetheless.  The fish was super fresh and the two tunas were meltingly tender.
 Tuna and jalapeno maki
Salmon skin maki, saba nigiri, otoro nigiri, engawa nigiri and uni nigiri.
Our $40 Groupon barely put a dent into the final bill but the sushi and sashimi was super fresh and delicious.  Definitely a gluttonous splurge, but what a wonderful meal together with my favorite Japanese guy for Valentine's weekend.

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