Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Busy Saturday

Today we had tons of errands to tackle.  After our dinner at Sushiko last night, we had enough time to do our weekly grocery shopping at Whole Foods, which helped lessen our Saturday chores.  We were going to have a lovely dinner together after shopping and errands, but our late afternoon snack was more than we should have indulged in.  Neither of us were hungry for a full meal, so after quick workouts, we settled in for something lighter.
 We love the Whole Foods brand of inexpensive wine.  The chardonnay is unoaked, so similar in body to the light pinot grigio and sauvignon blancs we often lean towards.  At $3.99, it's tough to walk out of Whole Foods with only one bottle.
 We picked up a half baguette of fresh multigrain bread, 2 lobster tails (1 day special for $5.99 each), and celery.
Which is better, a Maine lobster roll or Connecticut-style? 
Why choose just one when you can have both?
I cooked the lobster tails and made two types of mini-lobster rolls.  The chilled celery, mayonnaise Maine-style lobster roll and the warm butter-poached with celery lobster roll. 
My boyfriend liked them both, but I think preferred the warm butter version.

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