Monday, February 14, 2011

Chinese-Bowling with Friends

I like planning themed group events.  Last year Chinese New Year and Valentine's day were the same day, so I gathered some friends and spent a Sunday packed with activities including brunch, bowling and dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  It was so much fun, I wanted to do it again despite the holidays not aligning. 
This year's theme was "the more, the merrier", and we gathered a group of 14 people together for Chinese-Bowling with lunch at Peking Gourmet Inn and bowling at Bowl America in Falls Church.  PGI is a nice place for groups with large round tables and an excellent and affordable group menu for lunch.  Due to some food allergies and diets, we had two tables, one for the group menu and one for ordering ala carte.  The lunch group menu is a bargain with Spring Rolls & Fried Dumplings, Peking Duck, Jeo-Yan Shrimp, Beef Szechuan Proper, Four Season String Beans, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Jasmine Tea & Fortune Cookies for a minimum of 8 people at $15.50 pp (about $20 pp with tax and tip). 
The other table ordered a melange of dishes and everyone seemed to enjoy their choices.  They have a special ala carte lunch menu for $8.95 including a soup, egg roll, fried rice and choice of entree.
 Hot and Sour Soup (this had duck meat as well as the mushrooms)
 Steamed vegetarian dumplings 
 Peking-style Chicken
 Shrimp in Lobster Sauce ala carte meal
Mu Shu Vegetables
It was definitely fun to share food, some gross decomposing animal-related stories, and cheer for each other at bowling.  To mix up the day a bit, we drew names to create the teams for each lane, and I hope everyone had a chance to talk to someone new and share in the spirit of the day.

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