Monday, February 28, 2011

Malaysia Kopitiam...Where's the Heat?

I needed something spicy but flavorful and was debating the merits of Heritage India Bistro or Malaysia Kopitiam.  I liked both in the past, but the need for noodles pushed me towards the basement-level Kopitiam.  It's kind of a dive, and usually the restaurant atmosphere doesn't affect the meal.  Usually.  Unfortunately the heat in the restaurant was not working and the interior felt as cold as the winter evening.  Bundled in my coat, I did enjoy the roti canai and chicken curry laska with egg noodles, but next time I might just order take-out.
 The roti are buttery-flavored and delicious dipped in the curry.
I've had the laksa numerous times, and this was the first time I wondered, where are the bean sprouts? 

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