Saturday, February 5, 2011

Honeypig Annandale

I loved Honeypig for many reasons, but never for its service.  For a brief period, it felt like the waitresses were trying a bit harder with the non-Korean speaking clientele.  For the last few visits, there have been more non-Asians dining there, and the service has been returning to the semi-uninterested state from two years ago.  Sigh.
 My boyfriend loves the galbi.  It's a pricier option at $24.99 per order but we were planning to cook spicy pork belly at home soon.
 Grilling the jalapeno slices and garlic on the pan adds nice flavor.
 The waitress came by to turn the meat.
 She returned to use her cooking scissors to cut the meat off the bone.
 Delicious soon dubu with seafood.

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