Friday, January 21, 2011

To Hellburger and Probably Not Back

North of Rosslyn on Wilson Boulevard there's a nice little cluster of restaurants.  Guajillo, Pho 75, Rays Hellburger and the second Rays with interesting meats.  A friend works down the street and confessed she has never been to Hellburger. I thought that was unbelievable.  However, after my latest excursion, next time I'll follow her lead and just go to Pho 75. 
The boyfriend loved his burger and said it was juicy, spicy and a beefy explosion.  He said that it's no t-bone steak, but it was satifying.  Mine was blah and not worth cheating on my diet.  Overcooked and dry in areas but oddly pink in others, not juicy, not flavorful and cold toppings.  My side of mac and cheese was lukewarm at best, and don't get me started on the sub-par bun.  I was surprised when our order came out relatively quickly, and even the photos do not look nearly as gorgeous as previous visits.  Soul Burger #1 back in August versus January.  Where's my lettuce and tomato slice? 
 The Big Punisher - covered in a spicy green garlic sauce.
Soul Burger #1.
My favorite food since 1995 has been a bacon cheeseburger.  Ask any of my former students in Japan. I've waxed profound about the merits of a Palena truffled cheeseburger, mentally compared the incarnation at 5 Guys to Clyde's, Chadwick's, Boulevard and Whitlows, and even enjoyed a fancy rendition at the Ritz Carlton.  But I think my love affair may have run its course.  This bumps ramen up to the number one seed, but I'm willing to audition some other contenders.  I'm still searching for a new favorite sushi joint and a close but authentic dim sum place too.  Looks like lots more food adventures to come.

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