Monday, January 24, 2011

Ren's Ramen Return?

Gas, tolls and drive to NYC makes a bowl of ramen at Ippudo quite pricey.  Satisfying, but pricey.  NYC teems with ramen shops, but DC is sorely lacking.  When I want a good bowl of noodles in the area, I end up ordering pho, curry laksa or jjambbong.
Luckily the tiny ramen shop that was tucked away next to the now closed Daruma in Bethesda will be reopening this spring in Wheaton. Despite the distance, my boss and I would make a lunch run every now and then. They had a nice ton-shio, a shoyu and a miso version with noodles sourced from Hokkaido.  They even had a yasai tappuri ramen with a vegetable broth.  Their hanjuku egg was worth the add-on fee, but the pork didn't hold a candle to the marbled chashu I've had throughout Japan.

My favorite food board,, had a recent update that the Nakamuras found a location and are busy renovating.  Looking forward to checking them out this springtime at 11403 Amherst Avenue in Wheaton.

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