Friday, January 14, 2011

Kellari Taverna DC

It's a fabulous conundrum to choose a restaurant for lunch with your coworkers when someone else is treating.  My boyfriend asked for some suggestions with food, service and close proximity to their office being the most important parameters.  I suggested Tosca, Central, Blue Duck Tavern, Bourbon Steak, Ris or J&G.  Those were a little far, so they went to Kellari Taverna, the Greek fish restaurant on K Street. Kellari has a great Business Lunch special for $24.95 for 3 courses.
 Spanikopita - spinach, leeks and feta stuffed in phyllo dough.
Grilled Calamari
 Rockfish with polenta and rapini
Grilled Salmon - grilled fennel, roasted tomatoes
 Galaktoboureko - vanilla bean semolina custard with phyllo dough
Yogurt Cheesecake
These days with many offices cutting back on holiday parties, it was a lovely gesture by their coworker to take everyone out for lunch.  Sometimes I forget how lucky my boyfriend and I are that we work with really nice people.  I've been lucky to never experience the office mean girls or caustic bosses.   
All of the food was good and a perfect portion size for someone like me.  For my boyfriend, he could have used a little more I think. 

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  1. Indeed, the portion was on the lighter side. This is AMERICA, what were they thinking?